Ole Henrik Hansen


Ole Henrik Hansen, is a researcher, author and educator in the field of early childhood education, holding a PhD and currently serving as a professor. 

Current Positions:

    • Professor PhD. in Early Childhood Education and Care: Jönköping University, Sweden
    • Affiliate Professor: Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford University, USA
    • He holds affiliations with research environments like CHILD and PUF at Jönköping University.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Pedagogical and professional quality in preschools: His research focuses on improving teaching methods and the quality of care provided in early childhood settings.
    • Children's well-being: He investigates topics like children's relationships with peers and adults, and overall well-being within preschool environments.
    • Children's learning: Hansen also explores how children learn and develop in preschool settings, contributing to pedagogical approaches that promote effective learning.