Ole Henrik Hansen


Current research projects

The EXPECT project:

Exploring Practices in Early Childhood of Tomorrow in Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Develop resilience in social sustainable childhoods after Covid-19 (NordForsk).

The EXPECT project aims to deepen knowledge about the experiences and consequences of COVID- 19 to prepare Nordic preschools in maintaining social sustainability for future pandemics or crises.


The EduCom project:

The research profile EduCom is a broad framework which is intended to accommodate concepts and theories from the six research groups of the School of Education and Communication at Jönköping University. The aim is to integrate the school expertise in education and communication, creating a new combined and interdisciplinary profile that promotes educommunication research to respond to local and global challenges of social sustainability.


A European consortium to determine how complex, real-world environments influence brain development (ENVIRO-DEV) 

EU Cost Action project:

The early years of brain development are critically influential for life-long outcomes. During early childhood, neurodevelopmental conditions emerge and vulnerabilities for longer-term problems are sown. Homes, schools and neighbourhoods shape children’s life chances, interacting with individual differences in cognition and behaviour to determine access to resources and quality of life. However, because almost all current research measures behaviour and brain function by taking children away from these natural environments into controlled lab settings, our knowledge of how early life settings shape development is surprisingly limited. We understand very little about the mechanisms through which specific environmental features impact development (e.g. the effects of variation in noise, clutter, social interaction etc); how these vary across European nations; and how they interact with neurodiverse learning styles. This limits us from designing personalised practical interventions to tailor early environments for different individuals. Under this COST Action we shall create the infrastructure and networks to allow for transformative new approaches to quantifying variability in the early life physical and social environments experienced by children across the EU. We will bring together currently siloed areas of expertise across Europe in new methods for studying children in their natural habitats; new perspectives on cultural and neurodiversity; and new ethical and legal frameworks to support large-scale collaborative developmental science. Our network will be a partnership across European nations and with neurodiverse communities to enable our work to be underpinned by co-creation, ensuring we are harnessing state-of-the-art research efforts to generate meaningful and impactful real- world outcomes.

Completed research projects

Implementation of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's guide and associated materials regarding frameworks for a good meal in day care - An action research project on the implementation of educational practice.
01/06/2019→ 01/01/2022

Professionalization and increased interdisciplinarity in the collaboration around food and meals in day care
01/01/2016 → 01/06/2020

Learning management in day care
01/01/2016 → 01/01/2019 (subsequently transferred to Aalborg University)

Strengthened focus on children's learning through qualified and differentiated parental cooperation and Strengthened focus on children's learning through safe and stimulating learning environments for all children
01/01/2016 → 01/06/2019

The Child in the Center v2
01/01/2016 → 01/06/2017

The stress of the youngest children
01/03/2014 → 12/05/2014

SIGNALS – strengthening activity-oriented interaction and growth in the early years and transition, European Union
01/01/2014 → 31/12/2015

Day care in Denmark
01/02/2013 → 01/07/2013

The Child in the Center
01/02/2013 → 02/02/2015

Voices in the community – in practice
18/01/2013 → 01/02/2014

Values ​​in Education in Nordic Preschools: Basis of Education Tomorrow - Nordforsk
01/01/2013 → 20/01/2015